Ready for Wellness Business Success? 


FOUR ESSENTIALS your holistic business MUST HAVE in order to GROW and THRIVE today... 

For wellness practitioners, health professionals & yoga teachers

In this 4 week online training, you’ll discover:

exactly what you need to have on your

to reach the people who need your healing gifts!

Follow simple, step-by-step plans and learn business that aligns with your heart and soul! 
(Plus have the income you’re longing for...and save yourself thousands of wasted dollars too!)

I guide spiritual business owners to get online and love it!

I'm Elizabeth, your Wellness Business Trainer. I've been in business, health and spirituality for over 25 years: I founded Interior Wellness Magazine and I run large-scale yoga and wellness festivals. I'm excited to teach you the online basics that have helped me in my businesses so that you can  heal more people and make a great living doing what you love!

Get the skills you need to reach more people

Week 1: Online Clarity

Create a plan that you can implement quickly so that you can get online attracting clients within 4 weeks.

You'll have a clear message that resonates with your clients and you'll know exactly how to get it out there.

Week 2: Website

Learn the 5 mistakes to avoid and the 5 keys to bring people to your site, engage them and turn them into paying customers.

Whether you or someone else designs your site, you'll have clarity on how it should look and function.

Week 3: Email List

Your email list is an essential ingredient for connection with the people you serve. Learn how to work an email program effectively and engage your clients from 'Hello".

You'll set up automatic emails and plan what to say in your emails so that it's simple, quick and aligns you with what your followers want to hear.

Week 4: Facebook

Facebook is an incredible tool for your business. Learn to effectively use Facebook to engage your clients, create compelling content and have fun with it at the same time!

Give your facebook business page a makeover, create a group and start reaching more local people to fill your business.

Who's this training for?

Yoga Teachers

Yoga, Pilates, Dance
and Fitness instructors.
Get more students into all of your classes.

Holistic Practitioners

Workshop leaders, Healers, Spiritual Teachers, Authors & Coaches. Fill your private sessions and events and grow your network

Wellness Professionals

Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Counsellors. Put your practice on the map in your unique way.

Let's Do This!

You've tried to do it on your own... Let's face it, figuring out business alone is hard. Trying to sort through what you need to have online for your business can feel totally overwhelming. It's time to change

Do you lack confidence, to show up on social media?
I'm absolutely committed to help build your confidence with being visible online!

Beautiful website but not enough traffic?  
Let's fix it - learn to use simple online tools and social media to get traction for your website. I'll help you create your vision for a simple, effective website to help your business launch.

You've wasted thousands of dollars on websites that didn't work.
Websites can be intimidating and when you aren't clear on what you need on yours (whether you choose to build it on your own or hire a web designer) you could end up wasting a lot of time and money. I'll teach what to look for when getting your site up and running.

You've suffered from social media overwhelm...
It's time to rise out of the muck, heal your relationship with facebook learn exactly what needs to be done, do it with ease and spend more time working with clients and living your life! 

Are you ready to get online and love it?

Jump in so that the people that need your services can find you and you can make a great living while sharing your healing gifts.


Accelerate your online presence with group coaching + Live Q&A

  • check
    4 lessons
  • 4 VIP Group Coaching Sessions where I will answer your questions in depth 
  • 4 Extra skills tutorials: Hot topics chosen by group request!
  • Success Mastermind ~ in a private group on Facebook created for this course.


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Training Schedule

This ONLINE training is designed to operate from your phone or computer 
from wherever you are and at whatever time works for your unique schedule

4 Lessons

Step-by-step, follow-along instruction

Master the FOUR ESSENTIALS that your wellness business MUST HAVE in order to GROW and THRIVE today.

In this fundamentals training, you’ll learn exactly what you need to have on your WEBSITE, EMAIL LIST and FACEBOOK while staying in alignment with heart and soul! 

Lifetime Access: Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Note: You can do the lessons at whatever time and day fits for you - 12pm Monday is simply a guideline.


Coaching + Mastermind

Join this smaller VIP group and have all your specific questions answered so that you can keep moving forward with ease and flow. There will be opportunities for you to get personalized coaching, clear strategies and steps for your unique business.

Lifetime Access: Learn at your own pace
Submit your questions in advance

Hey, it's me...

I'm Elizabeth and I LOVE business...and I especially enjoy being online!

But it wasn’t always that way. For years I hid, terrified of being seen. Shyness and low-self esteem kept me paralyzed. Add in the overwhelm of having to learn so many new technologies in the midst of business burnout and I wasn’t going anywhere! And like many of you,I didn’t grow up with computers, we had books...and nature!

Eventually I did get to using computers and as time went by, I learned to use them quite well - I started graphic design and publishing. Fast forward 20 years...,even though I now liked computers, had been an entrepreneur for 25+ years and had studied personal development and healing for just as long, I was still scared and ashamed to be on social media, let alone video ...AND ESPECIALLY not social media!!

It wasn’t until I used the spiritual and personal growth tools that I had been learning for healing and applied them to my business that I started to truly heal. I realized my biggest personal breakthroughs were happening when I allowed myself to be visible. I also learned to surround myself with community, structure and support and my business started to really take off...and I began to relax and have a lot more fun! I know the same is possible for you too. Because if a shy girl from the country who used to be afraid to touch a button on a computer can do this, so can you.

I have over 25 years of on-the-ground business training and experience to share with you. I have taken trainings on many modalities of healing and wellness, I’ve been a transformational wilderness leadership instructor, Energy Healing practitioner, Yoga teacher, studio owner, wellness centre owner, nutritionist and am currently the publisher of a successful yoga and wellness magazine and I produce large-scale wellness festivals and conferences.

I know that being an entrepreneur can be a path to spiritual awakening, especially when it comes to making more money and having more time off (which I teach you to do!) I’m looking forward to being there while both you and your business grow!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

if you don't gain clarity and momentum from implementing the tools and steps you'll learn in the ONLINE BASICS training, I'll refund you. Simple. 

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